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IntrArts provides several Macintosh programs for your enjoyment. We are committed to putting out quality products for our users, and love to hear what you have to say about our products, or about software you think should be developed for the platform.

Throttled Pro
Our newest product for Mac OS X. Built upon our throttled code, this rock solid Cocoa application makes setting up QoS on your Macintosh a breeze. Whether you are a hard core internet user, or just casual web surfer, this application will optimize your network to speeds you have never imagined.

Released under the GPL, throttled is the only open source bandwidth shaping application for Mac OS X. Taking advantage of the advanced unix architecture of Mac OS X has allowed us to bring a new level of bandwidth control to your desktop.

IntrArts' first official product, and has been around in one form or another since '94. It provides many enhancements for the popular irc client ircle and was the first ircle script to run on Mac OS X. AcidJazz isn't about bringing bloat to your client, just essential features like nick completion, message/url logging, display colorizing, and xdcc offering so you can share files with your friends. You will never see any ascii art, channel takeover, or flooding options in this script.

Extra Goodies - Small Cocoa wrapper for Pandora (v1.1.1). - Small Cocoa application to delete those pesky .DS_Store files.
modttl.tgz - modifies the TTL of packets. Works on OS X and FreeBSD.

Universal Binaries

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